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360° Foot & Leg Air Pressure Massage Boots

The 360° Foot & Leg Air Pressure Massager is an extremely helpful tool for those that suffer from fatigued and sore legs.

The boots have been designed to relieve tension and pain through:

- Muscle relaxation 

- Lymphatic drainage and better blood circulation.

- Combination of Shiatsu and Deep tissue massage.

Those who suffer from chronic conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis or diabetes find relief and comfort when using the leg massager in conjunction with other treatment modalities such as physical therapy and prescription medicine.

Whether they're being used while watching your favorite show or before going to bed, these air pressure massage boots will provide you with incredible relief, allowing you to lead a stress-free life. 


Auto Shut-off: 20min 

Knee temperature: 35℃ (Default), 45℃, 55℃

Leg Circumference Size: Foot 36 cm Calf 55.5 cm 

Low Mode Noise: 57dB

High Mode Noise: 60dB

6 Modes: Auto, Leg, Foot, Press, Pinch, Relax Massage