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Wireless Air Compression Leg Massager

Compression calf leg sleeves are one of the most effective, long lasting and economical ways to relieve the pain, ease-up burning and cramping of muscles, tendons and joints as well as promoting blood circulation in your lower legs.

You can use this innovative wireless Air Compression Leg massager on a daily basis, just slip on the calf sleeves, activate the controller and massage away.

The unique design of the calf sleeves incorporates a soft inner lining with firm plastic shells that wrap snugly around your calf providing you with soothing air compression

Featuring 2 modes and different levels of compression, rest assured that you'll find the most comfortable and effective settings to improve muscle performance in your leg.

Rechargeable design with full manual controls, and a Built-in rechargeable 1850mAh lithium battery allows for more portability and accessibility from anywhere.


Material: Linen + Mesh

Battery Capacity: 1850 mAh

Timer: 30 min

Working Time: about 5 hours

Unfolded size : 59 x 35 x 0.25 cm


1. Unfasten your massager completely.
2. Adjust it so that the control unit faces upwards.
3. Hold down the power button for 2 seconds to turn it on. Your massager will be on mode C1 and the indicator lights will be on.
4. If you decide to switch modes, hold down the mode button until C2 or C3 appears on the screen, then release the button and press it again to select the mode you want (C2/C3).
5. To adjust intensity levels, hold down the intensity button until P1 appears on the screen, then release the button and press it again to cycle through P1, P2, and P1 again (P1-P2-P1).
6. The default time is 30 minutes; you can change this by pressing the time setting button quickly (except during operation).
8. Your massager won't work while it's charging; when charging is complete, a flash of white LED lights will go off and all of them will be lit up after charging is complete.