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Pet Water Fountain Drinking Bowl

Whether or not your cat is a finicky feline, kitties are by nature somewhat more selective than dogs.

Cats usually only drink from places that they associate with food; this is why a good number of cats shun the water dripping from a faucet and prefer the running water from a pet fountain.

This Pet Water Fountain Drinking Bowl keeps your kitty hydrated with its gravity-powered circulating of water that automatically senses the animal’s approach.

It has an adjustable flow rate, so you can increase it to keep multiple pets hydrated through the day or reduce it during less active times.

The fountain features ceramic/zinc-alloy construction and uses filters to block the growth of bacteria and keep your cat healthy with regular use.

The infrared motion detector makes sure the fountain comes on when your cat approaches, and LEDs illuminate both inside and out where applicable making your kitties feel more comfortable while they’re dining.


Volume: 2.5L

Max Output: 200g

Min Output: 50 g

Material: Stainless steel

Power Source: Charging

Voltage: 110-240V